Welcome to AFRPRL 290:31 Social Media in Black and Latino Communties Hunter CUNY Course

Hi my name is Karolina . I am 22 years old and am currently majoring in biochemistry at hunter college. I know that taking this social media class is far beyond the scope of my major however I’m sure it will provide me with useful insights that will help me mature even more as a scholar. My decision on taking this class was mostly influenced by taking a previous class in AFRPRL in the 100’s. I do not remember the exact course number however I do remember that it was a puerto rico conquest and resistance class. I learned things that I previously did not know. And not only about Puerto rico but about the United States as well. I learned that the United States has control over some countries calling them commonwealths. The US controls their government and holds army bases there. These commonwealths would be considered colonies in the past however since it is not acceptable to colonize they have called them such to hide the reality of their doings. The US made it seem as if they benefited the people of P.R, however they were solely benefiting themselves and actually hurting the people. They established an army base to strengthen their military strength throughout the world even thought that posed a threat for the people of P.R. To give the people security they automatically provided the people of P.R with a citizenship of the U.S. I do not remember specific situations or conditions that proved that the U.S was exploiting P.R. however i remember there were many articles and cases that did. I was looking at my choices of classes to fulfill a requirement and zoomed it down to an AFRPRL class due to taking the previous class that I really enjoyed. So that is how I ended up taking this class. Being aware that this generation is built on technology, social media plays a big part in our life. It may seem like social media is just an electronic/static way to communicate with the world , however its emotional response is underestimated. I say this because so many times did we hear of cases where someone felt hurt or insulted via social media even to an extent that ended up in suicide. People post and say things to others on social medias in a way they would not in person making some things easier to say and some harder. It has become a new generation of communication. I am curious about how social media specifically affects African Americans and Latinos. I feel sort of numb as to how differently these two races engage with media due to not being able to recognize such signs. I hope this class makes me see social media in a different way.

Social Media in Black and Latino Communities, a Hunter College CUNY Course

Follow our hashtag for the course Social Media in Black and Latino Communties Hunter CUNY Course. Follow our hashtag for the course Social Media in Black and Latino Communties Hunter CUNY Course.

Congratulations for making history with me. This is the first course of its kind to be created and I will be facilitating it with brilliant scholars from Hunter College, CUNY. This course is through the Africana and Puerto Rican and Latino Department at Hunter. My name is Kaia Niambi Shivers, and I am a media studies, Africana and Women’s & Gender scholar who is currently finishing her doctoral work at Rutgers University.

Social media in black and Latino Communities course examines black and Latino social media usage in a multi-layered, multimedia angle. These populations are heavy social media users, but are still under-studied. This course delves into various topics of social media from politics to artists to advocacy and relationships in order to understand the complexities and nuances of media usage.

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