LaComay incident

#LaComay was highly present in social media following the puppet’s  comment regarding the death of the publicist Jose Enrique. The man playing the puppet has made a comment that basically said the publicist was asking for his death since he was in such a dangerous location where prostitutes were located. This caused a huge stir on social media and called for activism.

Typing in #LaComay I came across interesting posts which were very similar in the message they were sending across  but varied in the format of which the message was passed on. Someone hashtagged an article from the New York Times which gave an overview of the incident in an informative and statistical manner. It was written in a cause and effect kind of a way. It informs of the scandal regarding the puppet La Comay’s comment about the death of Jose Enrique saying that he basically asked for it. They commented on the fast spread of this on social media. It specifically noted a page on facebook calling for a boycott of La Comay having 72,000 signatures and advertisers like Walmart and AT&T who withdrew their ads from SuperXclusivo, which is the program that feautures the puppet. This article also commented on La Comays known coverage on crimes, politics, and celebrities. They wrote that people went to La Comay to get a message across instead of the local Newspaper.

Another hashtag that I came across had information about the city council women in East Harlem, namely Melissa Mark-Viverito who protested to the City Council about investigating the language used on the show. East Harlem is a neighborhood with a large Puerto Rican population. This portrays the connection of the Puerto Rican population identyfying with the issues in their hometown. This reflects the idea of using social media as a platform to connect with your hometown country either on a personal or political level as written in Gabriel’s Blogging while Black and British.

Homicide is a major problem in Puerto Rico. Two weeks prior to the crime involving Jose Enrique, boxer Hector Camacho was shot to death. The goverment is trying to lower the high levels of homicide via social media. The Department of Correction in Puerto Rico started a campaign through hashtags where prisoners live tweet their experience behind the bars. This portrays how powerful social media is in acting upon issues and getting messages across to people of power.


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